Ever since I got crowns placed on my four front teeth by Dr. Fred Ou-Yang, I smile with confidence. They look real, no one can tell they are crowns, I forget they are crowns. My teeth are not crooked anymore and they are a nicer color. The crowns are the same color of the rest of my teeth. They fixed my problem plus made my smile look better. I am grateful with Dr. Fred Ou-Yang for allowing me to smile with confidence. I get a lot of compliments on how perfect my teeth look.

Santa Mariscal

Dear Dr. Ou-Yang:
On behalf of my mother, Mei-Hua Deng, I would like to thank you for your excellent and professional dental care. You are an outstanding dentist. We truly appreciate your patience, kindness, and caring for your patients. You explained the dental procedures in detail and in a way my mother is able to understand in her native language. With her new denture, my mother is able to eat more and start to enjoy all kinds of food again. We believe you deserve recognition and I am grateful that you are my mother's dentist. Thank you very much.

Mandy Liang & Mei-Hua Deng

When I met Dr. Ou-Yang I had very low self esteem and no self confidence. I never smiled because of my bad teeth. Dr. Ou-Yang helped me to see the real me and learn how to smile again. He treated me with the utmost kindness and uplifted me. Since then I can smile now with great teeth.

Damon Owens

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